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"At the end of the day, we're an American band. We're a musical mutt with influences from every genre of American popular music. It's all in there, and it's fairly obvious."

Don Henley

This is a community for fans of The Eagles, that band from the seventies that couldn't (and still can't) be confined to one genre. That band that was breaking up from the moment it started, that band that successfully compared their own rockstar lives to those of outlaws. That band that has no defined lead singer, but every member of that band can sing like an angel and play like a demon...

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Current Eagles

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"I guess it's easy for us to be the Eagles, 'coz we're the Eagles!"
Glenn Frey


1. Nothing off-topic; please don't post things about your dog in here (uh, unless he's named Desperado or something).
2. Be Nice. Self-explanatory, I believe. Anyone who doesn't respect the band or other members of this community will be banned, reported, blah blah, whatever, just don't be an ass.
3. However, opinions are welcome. You can have a favorite member or album, just respect everyone elses' too!
4. No advertisements for any communities unless they strictly relate to the Eagles or any of the members' solo careers [past or present].
5. Introduce yourself. We'd like to know who you are! Tell us how you got into the Eagles, what your favorite songs/albums are, who your favorite member is, if you've seen them in concert... that kind of thing.

Post whatever Eagles-related stuff you want. Pictures are encouraged. Song debates- also encouraged. Political debates- not so much, though goodness knows they can be related to the Eagles.

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EaglesBand dot com- Official Site

EaglesFans dot com- L&M's Fastlane
A million times more informative than the official site, the Fastlane is the place to look for everything Eagles-related. And I do mean everything, they have it all: news, old articles, a downloads section, and a fan community. Dig it.

For general classic rock discussions, visit classicrock, 60s_rockbands, and 70s_rockbands.
Also visit the other Eagles community- theeagles!

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