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Seeing as how I am a dork, I joined a while back but kinda forgot to say howdy to ya'll.

Anyway, I am Dreamwalker or Megan, whichever you prefer- formerly Babbit...but seeing as how that journal has been "deleted and purged", I'll have to intro myself again.

I've been an Eagles fan since I can remember...When I was tiny, my mom put on "Lyin' Eyes" and it was nothing but love from then on out. I love all their music, their harmony...just all of it. It's so amazing that I'm at a loss for words...ha.

My favorite is Don. I've done so much research on him and he is one of the few people I know that the more I find out about him, the more I love him. His active nature to save the Walden Woods, standing up for what he believes in, and his music all inspire me. Of course, Glenn is the sex as well, but I digress...

But anyway, looking forward to being here again because tengo_ritmo is just awesome and so are The Eagles.

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